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Hey, there! Thank you for checking out our new addition to Kensi's Korner!!!

If you know me personally, you know I LOVE to talk 😁 I also love making shirts, watching art videos, & whipping up stuff in the kitchen. Oh, and I also like to share a joke or piece of advice sometimes. Soooo.... what better avenue to share all of these with ya'll but on a blog? 😝 Okay... in case you're new to the Korner family, allow me to make this first piece a sort of introduction. Here goes!

The Why ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Back in 2018, I was struggling to keep our baby Kensi quiet during her siblings' school performance. A friendly mom gave me a thumbs up and mouthed, "You're doing great!" After that day, I decided to go into the shirt business. I figured wearing a shirt with an encouraging or fun design would brighten people's day - whether they're the ones wearing it or reading/looking at it. Sort of how that friendly mom at my kids' school made me feel 🥰 So that's how Kensi's Korner was born!

Toothpaste and Bread ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Was I scared to fail? Heck, YEAH! I wasn't sure if people would like the shirts I offered! But then a business mentor reminded me about the toothpaste aisle and the bread aisle at the supermarket. The same products but from different companies! She said that when customer find you and love you, they will always come back for more <3 She said not to worry because customers will always have their favorites. 

Paying it forward -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I've wanted to quit SOOOOO many times! Building a business is hard, especially if you're also juggling a household of 5. But whenever I think of my customers, I feel a sense of purpose, you know? Whenever I start making orders - from the time I lay out the designs and start pressing shirts to when I stick that shipping label on the package - I feel happy because I know what I just did will make someone really happy, will make someone feel good!! And THAT, my friends, is what makes me want to make this business work!

Oh wow!! I didn't mean to make this one so long. Told ya I love to talk. If you read through the entire thing, THANK YOU! 😁 I promise TO TRY and make the next posts have fewer words! 🤞🤞

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